Our Happy Students!

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Arda – Professional

I am already at my 16th lessons (25+ hours of learning). Although somewhat new, Mandarinesia provides a very satisfying service for me. Friendly teacher, fast-response communication, as well as flexible tutoring time (I’m free to change my course according to my needs) Highly recommended for beginners who want to start from 0. Easy to understand and most importantly, provides a strong foundation in Mandarin. The price is also affordable, better than other private mandarin courses, especially in West Jakarta and surrounding areas. No loss to try, at least to just come and join the free trial. Success continues, Mas Kevin!

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Ella – Professional

Currently on my second package of the one-on-one lesson with Mandarinesia, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Ko Kevin (the teacher) is very communicative, highly skilled in mandarin and has a deep understanding towards the culture as well as the fundamentals of the language. Whether you are new to the language or have been learning it for a while, Mandarinesia will adjust the learning activity according to your needs. The teacher is willing to get familiar with your skills and aims to improve your weaker points. He also takes notice on your progress makes sure that you are always learning. Great learning place in a strategic location with affordable price, highly recommended!

Bodhi – Siswa


Saya merasa bisa belajar banyak di Mandarinesia. Saya juga sangat senang dapat les di sini bersama Koko Kevin. Perubahan yang saya paling dapat rasakan yaitu saya bisa lebih mudah mengingat Hanzi (汉字) dan juga nilai saya di sekolah menjadi lebih bagus.


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